Our mobile first platform enables
to deliver complex and quality solutions
with 80% less time to market.

Sharing Economy

Have you ever heard of AirBNB or Uber? These are examples of share economy solutions.

In Honkio we have made solutions for workforce management, food ordering, ride sharing, and so on. You can start operating one of these service in a few weeks! The one thing we are extremely proud of is our solution for resource sharing.

Internet of Things

Honkio provides application and business logic layers, enabling solutions where big data can trigger and drive business processes in real time.

Honkio backend allows the big data to trigger business logic and processes in real time – it’s deeply build into our backbone. Why would you be happy just knowing that 3 / 20 lamps in an apartment are out of order when Honkio could automatically generate a work order for an engineer to come and replace them.

Customer Communication and Payments

Bookings and orders along with payments can all be handled easily within your branded application.

One third of global online transactions are done using mobile. We’ve made it as simple as possible to get started – this is the fundamental philosophy Honkio was founded on.



Sharing Economy


Sharing Economy


Internet of Things

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Customer Payments


Customer Payments

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Internet of Things


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