Honkio Property

  • Drawing up leases, and electronic signature
  • Property document management system
  • Smart rental models based on the number of visitors
  • Iot-based property maintenance calls
  • Artificial intelligence-assisted property optimizations to maximize energy efficiency Property
  • IOT sensor data acquisition system
  • Ordering system for proactive maintenance tasks
  • Tenant's application for easy communication and preparation of service requests
  • Management of regular maintenance tasks and automatic ordering system
  • Real-time net asset value calculation system
  • Much more…

A complete property information system for the 2020s, where property is managed using data-based information. As well as modern IoT sensors.

Honkio Protask

  • Total transparency for services
  • Easy employee task management interface
  • Cradle to grave order management
  • Minimal human intervention
  • Full product information and charge system
  • Time management for all employees
  • Visibility of tasks for your customers
  • Easy tool for managing and tendering all maintenance tasks
  • Can be used to manage your own staff or outsourced resources
  • Free mobile application for service team to easily manage their own work and keep a log of commuting, working time and materials used
  • Route planning
  • Bar code reader for products
  • Call center reception for work orders
  • Messaging system between subscriber and installer (chat)

Honkio Safety

Mobile application for property security training for staff. An inventory system for property security systems, makes it easy to get an overview of where all property security systems are located. An automated crisis communication system, enables quick and effective guidance for managing various crises on the property, such as fire, water leakage or other general danger to the people working on the property and those responsible for it. Integrates with the property’s existing alarm and notification systems using modern IoT technology.