Collecting user feedback is a key to success. Honkio provides user feedback system which can be used to allows users to rate the service, related persons or assets. Feedback can be provided as stars, smiles or scores. Honkio will convert the results in the most user friendly way so you always know how much they loved your food or how or how smily was the taxi driver. Get to know your customer’s needs’ with Honkio user feedback system.

Benefit from complementary sales take the opportunity to up-sell or add-on products to the original order. Time is the key. Imagine the situation when user is booking barber appointment, additional products such as shampoos and conditioners could be sold to the user during the same order process. Great way to increase your sales and build a better user experience.

Real-time communication between the users brings additional value to the application. Honkio chat system based on PUSH messages can be used not only for chat between users but also as an communication channel between service provider and user. Stay in touch with Honkio Chat!
Protecting against fraudulent transactions is a big issue for services utilising payments. Honkio system include risk scoring and fraud protection tools, that can be used both to protect customers and transactions. All decisions inside system are possible to analyse against fraudulent activity, decision if the transaction is safe is based on the risk score.

Stay safe with Honkio.
Business reporting
Track your sales, product development, user engagement or service quality. Honkio provides the possibility to build custom reporting system tailored to your needs.

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