The sensors are very small and the batteries last up to 15 years. Installation is easy, attach the sensor,THAT's all

Sensor Types

  • Temperature

    Sends a temperature reading every 15 mins.

  • Touch

    Sends an event whenever it is touched.

  • Proximity

    Triggers when something is within a 4 min range.

  • Water Detector

    Reports the presence of water on the sensor.

  • Humidity

    Reads relative humidity and temperature every 15 mins.

End to End Encryption


  • Simple Instalation

    Tiny wireless sensors can be installed without interruption or replacement of legacy systems

  • Battery Life

    Industry leading battery life allows sensors to work for up to 15 years without replacement or maintenance.

  • Sensor Coverage

    Versatile sensors make it possible to monitor many different areas within an operation.

  • Flexible Integration

    The DT Solution was made to be integration into existing data systems.

  • Pricing

    The DT sensor solution is the most cost effective offering on the IOT market today.

  • Size

    The tiny sensors can be placed anywhere with virtually no effect on the from or function. Only 19x19x2 mm, 2.0g.

  • Security

    A+ grade security between sensors and cloud verified by external security authority. Sensor are manufectured in Germany, Europe.

  • Designed for Scale

    The DT Solution fits any operation size, using a few sensors or millions at industrial scale.

What we Monitor

  • Temperature

    Monitor the temperature of any critical component

  • Door Security

    Monitor if doors are left open or not

  • Water Detection

    Detect if there is water on the floor or if the water level is critical

  • Circuit Breaker

    Detect if the fuse has been triggered

  • Humidity

    Measure the humidity and temperature of any room

  • Ambient Temperature

    Measure the ambient temperature for reference

  • Cables & Joints

    Measure temperature on power lines

  • Voltage Lines

    Measure temperature on high & low voltage phases

Property Dashboard, gathers all property data in one easy view. The view is easy to customize to suit the user's own wishes, as well as set automatic alarms to suit them. You receive alerts either via SMS, PUSH, or email in real time. The alarm can also be configured to initiate an automatic pre-planned crisis scenario, which includes communications and instructions for those in charge of the property.